WD My Passport Pro hard drive review (2TB / 4TB)

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WD My Passport Pro

WD My Passport Pro is portable redundant array of independent disks (RAID) storage with an integrated Thunderbolt cable and is bus powered, hence, does not require an AC adapter to power the device up. It’s reasonably light in weight and is very quick to install.

Whenever you find trouble with installation then provided is a quick installation guide which enables you to connect your PC and Mac. This hard drive has been fitted with dual drives which are housed within an anodized all-aluminum enclosure that perfectly fits your professional style.


WD My Passport Pro is fairly light in weight to enable portability. It weighs 1.58 pounds or 0.72kgs. It also comes with a huge capacity which allows it to create RAID from its internal drives and a tethered Thunderbolt cable. It can also transfer data at a very high speed and has a typical transfer rate of 230 MB/s. It operates at temperatures of between 0 and 35C. It’s formatted with HFS- J for Mac OS Mavericks and Mountain Lion for system compatibility. Its height is 143.3mm, Length is 44.2mm and width is 88.5mm hence occupies a small size.

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Shipped at RAID 0 for maximum speed and capacity, it helps your imagination to flow without skipping and beat thus allowing your work to flow as smoothly as possible. It’s also fitted with RAID 1 mirror mode for double safe data protection. This helps one to protect his work from external interference.
To enable it to perform this, the hard drives capacity is divided into half so that one-half stores data and the other maintains a duplicate copy.

It also helps in protecting creations since it’s fitted with WD drives which enable it to last long and tolerate shock hence it remains reliable for a very long time. This is critical especially for on-the-go work overflow which needs to be retrieved later or shipping the latest footage back to the studio.

WD says that the device allows you to send a two-hour movie in high-definition 22 GB size format in 1 minute 43 seconds, and the shipment of 2000 mp3 files, each 5MB in about 46 seconds. Pretty good… don’t you think?

WD My Passport Pro Speed test RAID 0

In a RAID 0 configuration, the My Passport Pro performed about twice as fast as a single 2.5-inch 5400-rpm drive showing amazing speed over 200MB/s. Those speeds are fantastic, considering the use of traditional spinning hard drives. Though these numbers were unfortunately a bit below what WD had claimed it could reach, which was quoted to hit the 233MB/s mark.

WD My Passport Pro Speed test RAID 1

In our RAID1 configuration, we recorded read and write speeds of 103.4MB/s and 98MB/s respectively. That said, this portable drive wasn’t intended to break any speed records, it was intended to offer performance.


WD Passport Pro is a necessary tool for any professional. It’s the device you cannot do without and it has been designed in such a way that it can transfer, edit and back up in record time. It can also compile and stream graphics in intensive formats in record time and enables one to meet aggressive deadlines since its fitted with drives with transfer rates of up to 233MB/s hence the problem of speed and portability is easily solved.

WD My Passport Pro 2TB and 4TB

Since it has an anodized all-aluminum enclosure inside which protects the drives, it is a perfect fit for on-the-go work overflow since it makes the passport pro durable. It’s no stress for anyone who would wish to film a new documentary out in the field or present a new portfolio to a client.

WD My Passport Pro has an enormous capacity which is available in 2TB and 4TB capacities which are essential for HD videos, photo-shoots, and other creative files. This enables one to update field kit and keep up with his creations. It readily and easily works with Apple Time Machine, this helps when you have captured images and need to store your most creative masterpieces with the easy and fast back up in Apple Time Machine.

WD My Passport Pro side by side with lapop

Another amazing feature is that you can install your system files on this drive and use it as a blazing fast boot drive. Therefore, it’s ready to use with MacBook’s straight out of the box.

A WD diagnostics also performs S.M.A.R.T status check on the drive in seconds so that one can know it’s ready to go when the next job comes up.

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Final words

The usefulness of WD My Passport Pro is indispensable in the 21st century even though it may have a few defects but cannot be overlooked. Highly recommended for pro users – especially video editors and graphics professionals.


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