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Transcend Storejet 25C3N Review

Storejet 25C3N

Within the last couple of years, Transcend has been a force to reckon with in the storage device industry. This is evident in the type of products they have been producing. Let’s take, for instance, the Transcend Storejet 300; it…

StoreJet® 600 Portable SSD Review

StoreJet 600 ssd review

Is it One of the Best Portable SSDs for Mac Yet? Let’s find out… The StoreJet 600 portable SSD is one of the latest additions to Transcend’s new line of solid-state drives. It comes with the USB 3.1 Gen 2…

Transcend external hard drive: SSD StoreJet 500

Transcend external hard drive: StoreJet 500

The new Transcend external hard drive: StoreJet 5000 is a portable Solid State Drive (SSD) is built and designed for elegance and performance. It is steadfast with the state of the art technology featuring both Thunderbolt connectivity and Super Speed…