External hard drive storage capacity

Among hard disk drive features, storage capacity is important feature, but not crucial. Storage space is often described by how much data a drive can handle. But actual physical size is also an important factor to consider when choosing a hard drive.

There are a variety of external hard disk drives in the market and their exact size varies from product to product but in general, portable external drives are smaller and more accessible than desktop drives while desktop drives tend to be generally faster and have more storage space than portable drives.

External hard drive storage capacity usually range from 1TB to 4 TB. The range is sufficient for most individuals and families who may need it to store their photos, music etc. Organizations and professionals that use complex graphics, gaming software, and other data intensive processing software will require hard drives with bigger storage space perhaps one with 10TB capacity.

For those who do not quite understand the numbers, here is simple chart which give an idea of what you can store on which size drive:

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