Computer storage types

Here is the brief list of Computer storage types:

  • HDD – ordinary internal hard disk drive, has different connectors to computer’s motherboard (ATA: IDE, PATA, SATA; SCSI). A HDD uses magnetism to store data on a rotating platter. A read/write head floats above the spinning platter reading and writing data. The faster the platter spins, the faster a HDD can perform.

    Computer storage types: hard disk drive

  • SSD or solid state drive – uses NAND-based flash memory. Does not have moving parts, relies on an embedded processor (or “brain”) called a controller to perform a bunch of operations related to reading and writing data. About 30% faster than HDD.
    Computer storage types: solid disk drive
  • Hybrid drive – A hybrid hard drive contains both a traditional magnetic drive and the amount of solid-state storage. The SSD portion of the drive acts as a “cache”. Files you access frequently, such as your operating system files and program files are stored on the SSD portion of your drive by your firmware. Hybrids Don’t Have Much SSD Storage – up to 6GB.
  • RAID – is a group of independent physical disks that provides high performance by increasing the number of drives used for saving and accessing data. The physical disk group appears to the host system either as a single storage unit or multiple logical units. Data loss caused by a physical disk failure can be recovered by rebuilding missing data from the remaining physical disks containing data or parity.
  • NAS – Network-attached storage is a type of dedicated file storage device that provides local-area network (LAN) nodes with file-based shared storage through a standard Ethernet connection. NAS devices, which typically do not have a keyboard or display, are configured and managed with a browser-based utility program. In the home, NASes are often used for storing and serving multimedia files and for automated backups. Many smart homes rely on NAS to provide centralized storage for smart TVs, security systems and other Internet of Things (IoT) components in the home.

    Computer storage types: network attached storage

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