What is a computer external hard disk drive

What is a computer external hard disk drive?

External hard drives are freestanding devices that do not reside inside the computer. They are primarily used for backing up crucial data and keeping it at a safe place. Data is transferred from the computer’s internal drive to the external hard drive using some type of connection protocol.

The process involves connecting the computer’s internal hard drive to the external hard drive until data transfer is completed. Once the process is completed, connection can be ended and the external drive be placed in a safe place.
In addition to extending storage space of the computer, external hard drives can be used for a variety of other purposes including file sharing. In recent years, the demand for external hard drives has grown rapidly in response to the growing threats to data that is endemic to internet browsing.

Computer external hard disk drives can be grouped into two broad categories:

Final note

Whether you decide to buy a desktop drive or a portable one, make sure your connection type and drive speed are in sync.

It would make no sense to spend a lot of money on a fast hard drive if the connection is slow and vice versa. Connecting a super fast SSD to a slow FireWire 400 for example will cancel out the speed advantage of SSD.

Furthermore, if you are going to move the hard drive around, select a 2.5 inch drive which is sturdier and can withstand sudden movements. Otherwise, if you will be keeping the hard drive in one fixed place, a 3.5 inch drive is generally recommended.

For more information which computer external hard disk drive to choose check out video below: